There is simply no better way to increase the morale and excitement surrounding a school or school sport’s team than with school mascot costumes. There is just something so fun-loving and exciting about a mascot bounding onto the field, whether as a planned event or as a complete surprise to the crowds. Every school and team has a theme, but not every school has a mascot. It makes complete sense to complete your school theme with a corresponding mascot. Whether your school or team has a rough and tough exterior such as a bull dog or your mascot is more of the hug-gable, loveable type such as a fuzzy bear, you will find all of these types of mascots and more on our site.



An Element of Luck

Children of all ages look up to mascots as a source of pride and endearment to their school or team. Choosing the right mascot for your school will help to bring your school the luck it needs whether in sports, education or both. The right mascot will serve as a role model and leader in your school, both around the school and during sporting events. Kids will begin to expect to see the mascot at certain events throughout the year encouraging kids to have fun and do well in school. This element of luck cannot be replicated; it can only be done through the use of the right school mascot.

Pep Rally Fun

Pep rallies are meant to make the fans scream with joy, increasing the excitement and morale surrounding a sporting event. If your school’s pep rallies seem to be dwindling, it is time to bring out the school mascot. The excitement level might be mediocre when you first start the pep rally, but when a bull dog, bear or other animal that represents your school and team comes tearing into the gym as a surprise, the excitement levels will increase by leaps and bounds.



Use the mascot as a tool to increase the loyalty to your school. A few ideas to really increase the element of surprise at your school are to have the mascot come bounding through the hoop that the players usually come tearing through. Sending the mascot through first will bring the crowd to their feet with excitement. The mascot can also be introduced with music that is tied to his character, bringing him out onto the floor dancing and acting silly as mascots always do is a great way to delight the crowds.

Assemblies and Other Uses

The school mascot has many more uses than just for pep rallies. While his main role is to pump up the excitement at sporting events, he is also the face of your school. Including your mascot in school assemblies to introduce the guests that are visiting your school or for days that the school needs a little morale boost such as standardized testing days are both great choices. Giving the kids something to be excited about and to look forward to is the role of the school mascot. School spirit weeks are the perfect time to bring the mascot out everyday, participating in the theme of your spirit week. Your school mascot can take the topic of the day for spirit week and make it even sillier to give the kids something to laugh about while increasing their morale and attitude toward the school. Of course all school mascot costumes must be adorned with the school attire to really take on the team spirit.

High School Mascot Costumes

School Mascot CostumeHigh school mascots take on an even larger role than a mascot at an elementary school. Students at the high school level are taking sports and education very seriously and sometimes need an element of downright fun to shake things up a bit. If your high school football or basketball team needs a pick-me-up or a great send off for the State Finals, there is no better way than with one of the high school mascot costumes found on our site.

The high school mascot is something that students will remember long after they graduate. The person under the mascot costume has a large responsibility to act like a mascot, doing silly dances and making people laugh all while increasing the overall school and team spirit. It is not a job to be taken lightly because if the school morale and excitement dies down, so does the team effort. There is a lot riding on the mascot besides having a quality costume.

Use the mascot for all games including football, basketball and even baseball games. The mascot costumes on our site are very durable and high quality, making them perfect to wear year round to any sporting or school event. When the students expect to see their mascot at the game, the camaraderie is automatically increased as everyone waits in joyful tension for the surprise appearance of the mascot. Students start anticipating when they think the mascot might show his face – but no one is ever right because the mascot is just too sly, coming up with a new entrance tactic for each appearance.

Affordable Quality

It is not enough to purchase the first mascot costume that you find. It is an in depth process that the school must go through in order to purchase the right mascot. First and foremost you want to find mascot costumes that are comfortable. Since the costume is usually worn for many hours at a time, the person underneath will appreciate the comfort level that the mascot costumes on this site provides. The costume you choose should also be high quality. Schools are very likely to use their mascot costumes quite often and through many years. You do not want to purchase a costume that is going to look old and worn after a few uses. You need a costume to stand the test of time.

Raise Money with Fundraisers

Put the days of the school bake sale behind you and break out the real fundraising attempts with your school mascot. Whether your school fundraiser is an event where people buy things or you host an event such as bowling, a dinner dance or any other event where the fun is flowing, your mascot can make an appearance to bring the level of fun up. When people are having fun with friends and family they are more likely to spend more money which is the ultimate goal of your fundraiser. Use your mascot to your advantage and raise money for your school.

A Mascot for all Reasons

The school mascot can serve a multitude of purposes at your school. No school, even elementary school, is complete without their mascot. Whether your school has competing sports or simply is a place for education and for lifelong friendships to be formed a mascot has a place at every school.

Ever school has a mascot, but without the actual costume it just isn’t the same for the kids. A mascot on a t-shirt doesn’t provide exciting fun and morale boosting techniques like a real life mascot does. Give your students something to be excited about and look forward to at school by giving them one of the best school mascot costumes that money can buy.